There’s a point in every woman’s life, when approaching motherhood, that she realizes that her life is going to be distinctly different. For some, it’s before even getting pregnant. For others, it’s months, or years, after the child is born. The moment of recognition of a changed future is disorienting at a minimum and terrifying at a maximum.

We want to help. Beyond the Fourth seeks to, through storytelling, drive awareness of obstacles commonly confronted by women on their motherhood journey. Through our stories, we see ourselves in each other and lessen the isolation.

We are not just biological moms. We are women, men, and nonbinary. We are mothers, fathers, and childless. We are stay-at-home moms, business owners, and everyone in between. We have biologically created children, and we have fostered and adopted them.

We have seen the trials and tribulations of motherhood, and we seek to increase the awareness and support of issues typically tied to being a mom. We are a shoulder to cry on when you’re too scared to tell someone or you feel weird, someone to celebrate with when you feel unable to reach out, and someone who, through the powers of networking and connection, can find you someone with whom to connect, no matter how you feel.

We focus on breastfeeding, pumping, workplace discussions, anxiety and depression prior to birth, postpartum anxiety, postpartum psychosis, postpartum exercise, special needs, loss of life, and traumatic birth.

We are not licensed professionals. We are your neighbor. We are your friend. We are Mamadvocates, and we serve proudly.